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Men On Wire

Some things in life are inevitable: day follows night and night follows day. The Dutch band Men on Wire has discovered these two sides of life during the course of the last couple of years. They have grown from young angry men into the ‘harded veterans’ of the West Brabant rockscene, in the south of the Netherlands. As four young fathers, understandably their priorities the last years were with their families. But one thing remained at the the top of their list: the drive to write melodic, atmospheric and intense indie-rock songs. Sander Brok (guitar/keys/synth), Tim van Andel (bass/vocals), Martijn Wijnings (drums/samples) and Wouter Stroop (vocals/guitar) are back after years of family distractions and are back in balance fully restored in their balance and focus on music. Men on Wire is ready to unleash their new ‘child’ upon the world: the brand new EP Hestia.
In the mid-2020 the Men on Wire dove back into the studio. At the end of June, they recorded four tracks in Studio Sandlane under the supervision of Jos ‘El Jefe’ Driessen. The final result, the Hestia EP, is an exceptional one: the atmospheric title track, the seemingly light but lyrically heavy Left Luggage, the melodic rocker Bordertown, and the ominous Seven Days describe the reality of the daily life of people in their late thirties. Marriage, the end of marriage, love for the family as well as its dark side(s), life in the city where you grew up and the desire for ‘something else’ but lacking the courage…..Everyday affairs, but relatable for everyone and oh so glorious, hard and painful when you’re in the middle of it. The guys from Men on Wire serenade their blessings and fight with their demons on this EP, and we would love for you to be part of it!